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Garden Shovel

A shovel is a tool that is used to dig, lift, and move bulk items like dirt, coal, gravel, snow, sand, or ore. Landscape Shovels are designed specifically for gardens to make your job easier and your garden more beautiful.The majority of shovels are hand tools with a wide blade attached to a medium-length handle.Composite steel hand shovel blades often feature a folded seam or hem on the back to create a socket for the handle. This fold is also used to give the blade more stiffness.

Folding Knife

Especially better are locking folding knives. They won’t close on your fingers while you’re using them, which is safer, and the rigidity of a locking blade allows you to operate the knife at various angles, such as while carving wood or opening a particularly difficult box. Plus, the rear of the blade may be used for things like fire sparking rods without the blade shutting or bending on you. When closed, it fits comfortably on your belt or in your pocket. Carry it in your pocket and use it in the garden to quicken the growth of plants.